CEO of Apical Media Appointed as Member of Community Chest Branding Advisory Panel

Melvin Ang, founder and CEO of Apical Media, publisher of A Magazine , has been appointed as a member of the Community Chest Branding Advisory Panel FY2020.

A veteran in the publishing industry with over 30 years of experience under his belt, Ang’s role in the advisory panel includes: fostering and strengthening partnerships to enhance Community Chest’s brand awareness and values of holistic giving within the community; advise on strategic communications planning; connecting a wide range of marketing services and other resources such as media and partnership opportunities as well as provide expertise and consultation in leveraging digital technology and big data for Community Chest to enable the success of its projects and initiatives.

“It is an honour and pleasure to be given the opportunity to be a part of the advisory committee. As Apical Media CEO, I’ve always sought to ingrain in our firm’s DNA the belief that every individual can make a difference. Our flagship luxury lifestyle title — A Magazine — has similar foundations and strives to ignite conversations and champion social causes.”

“This role cannot come at a better time as A Magazine celebrates our 1st Anniversary this month. To mark the occasion, we will also be collaborating with like-minded partners on several charity initiatives — it’s our way of paying it forward,” says Ang.

For more information, contact:

Ann Lee
Associate Publisher and General Manager